Gen Z Attracted to Careers in Finance

Finance is once again considered to be the most desirable and stable sector to work in if you are 18 to 25 years old according to CNBC citing a new report from the CFA Institute. 

Most financial services jobs will, at a minimum, require a four-year degree (in the United States) or the international equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. Hiring managers often prefer to recruit entry-level employees who have graduated with a degree in finance or a major in a related field such as accounting, business management or economics.

Once you get the interview, consider hiring an Interview Coach to conduct mock interviews and strengthen your interview skills.  Beyond the resume, interviewing skills are key to landing jobs in this extremely competitive environment. 

Financial firms are screening candidates online, and “showing up” on undergraduate and graduate campuses again in an effort to promote and distinguish their own platforms from other investment banks, commercial banks, investment firms, and hedge funds.  Hiring Managers will expect candidates to understand the industry, players and roles, and seek to identify candidates that can effectively communicate their career goals, elaborate on interests, explain decisions they have made, lessons learned and what they are looking forward to learning in the future given the opportunity.

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